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Original Writing Coursework

If you are going to compose an original writing coursework, you are supposed to create something new. Writing any coursework presupposes hard work, and an original writing coursework presupposes not only hard work, but also creative thinking. The first step to a successful original writing coursework is the right choice of a topic. Here is a list of possible topics for your original writing courseworks:

Tattoos as a way of self-expression. This can be quite an interesting topic for your original writing courseworks. Study the history of this phenomenon. Where does it originate from? What tendencies can be tracked down? What pushes teens to make tattoos? Do tattoo stay in the skin for a lifetime? Do not you find this rather catchy to investigate in your original writing courseworks?
Extreme kinds of sport. This is one more topic you can disclose in the original writing coursework. Nowadays, a wide range of extreme sports is being practiced all over the world? What do you think about such kinds – awesome (yes, I would like to try it once) or life-threatening (no, it is stupid, would never do anything like that) ;
Music as an expression of the inner world. When covering such idea in your original writing coursework, you may consider whether music is a means of self-expression. It is very essential to state your own vision of this issue. You can base the original writing coursework on your own experience. Does music help you overcome stress? Do you listen to music when feeling joy and happiness? What kind of music do you prefer depending on your mood? Answer these questions in your original writing coursework.

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