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Physics Coursework on Resistance
Physics Coursework on Resistance
If you are a student of Physics class you may be assigned to write a Physics coursework on resistance. This task presupposes revealing both your theoretical knowledge and your abilities to find its practical application. Some useful ideas concerning Physics courseworks on resistance may be found in this article below.
Your Physics coursework on resistance may study one of the fields the term “resistance” may refer to:
If it is electrical resistance – you will explore a passing electric current and the degree to which it is dissipated into heat;
If it is friction – you will study the force that opposes motion. Note that there is the so-called “air-resistance” which consists in fluid or gas forces opposing motion;
If you are engaged in geological resistance study you will focus on studying how well minerals resist erosive factors. There exists a particular case of geological resistance called hydraulic conductivity, that is, the ease with which water moves through soil and rock.
The problem of thermal resistance will involve you in the investigating the measure of how temperature conducts through a substance. Mind that there are two aspects of thermal resistance that may be investigated in your Physics coursework on resistance: thermal conductivity and thermal resistance in electronics.

Physics Courseworks on Resistance: Points to Consider
Supply your Physics coursework on resistance with images, graphs and tables illustrating the main findings of yours; do not neglect their proper entitling;
Explain the terminology you use in your Physics coursework on resistance;
Rely only on up-to date sources related to your problem;
If you conduct some experiment in support of your Physics coursework on resistance, explain its stages and outcomes in your paper.

Good luck with your Physics coursework on resistance writing!

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