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Graphics Coursework
Graphics Coursework
If you are a student of a Technology Faculty you will be assigned to write a graphics coursework. Below we offer some suggestions as for organizing your graphics coursework.
Graphics Coursework Cover:
It should include your name, your candidate number, the name of the school, the title project and the date of submission;
Graphics Coursework: Analysis

This page presents a short but sufficient overview of all areas the author is going to consider.
Graphics Coursework: Design Brief and Design Ideas

Present personal design for your project on a single sheet of paper;

On two or three pages present all of your ideas, supply them with annotation and evaluation.
Graphics Coursework: Research

This is a three pages section which informs a reader what the author has learned from the research.

For your research to be effective organize it in the following way:

I Type of Research: The Primary One
Interviewers – interview your target market;
Visits – study the place where your product will be used or sold;
Questionnaires – find out your users’ or clients’ opinions.

Make sure your questions:
Are clear and don’t confuse the reader;
Are short and open-ended;
Are related to your problem.
When you analyze the results of the questionnaire arrange the data in Excel;
Make sure your results do not contradict each other – compare the findings in a visual way;

Evaluate existing products, analyze:
Graphics and fonts;
The packaging;
The clients of the product;
The purposes of the product;
The product’s sphere of usage;
The product’s price policy.

II Type of Research: The Secondary One

Apply to:
The Internet;
Newspapers and magazines.

Your Graphics Coursework should also comprise:
Development section;
Final design;
Systems and control section;
Schedule section;
Product manufacture;
Testing section;

Good luck with your graphics coursework!

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