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Keys for Your Humanities Coursework
Keys for Your Humanities Coursework
The humanities are very wide. In this category, many different academic disciplines are included. That is, all the ones which study the human condition. What distinguish humanities from natural and social sciences is the approach: while the lasts apply mainly empirical approaches, humanities employ methods such as analysis, critic and speculation.
Which disciplines are included among the humanities? There are many, such as literature, language, law, history, religion, philosophy, arts (visual and performing). Sometimes, among the humanities additional subjects are included, for example, linguistics, technology, cultural studies, anthropology and communication. Scholars working in the humanities are described as “humanists”.
If you are taking a course on humanities, you may be requested to prepare a humanities coursework. If you feel you could use some tips, here we are going to provide you with some valuable coursework help.
Why are the humanities so important?

Why so many colleges require to study the humanities? In the USA, many colleges and universities believe in the notion of a broad “liberal arts education”. Therefore, they ask for an additional study of the humanities despite the specific area of study each student chooses. Columbia University and the University of Chicago were some of the first institutions that requested from all their students an extensive core curriculum in philosophy, art and literature. More institutions followed their example later. Probably, so did yours, and that is why today you desperately need good humanities coursework to pass the course.
Preparing your humanities coursework

Whether you need to prepare a philosophy or history essay, a literature paper or any other kind of humanities coursework, the first thing you must do is preparing a detailed assignment outline, a plan for your research in which you explain what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and why. And even when in your coursework you should express your own ideas and opinions, you should always base your research on different sources, such as newspapers, films, adverts, TV programmes, text book articles, etc. The Internet is another great resource, since researchers in the humanities have developed many digital corpora, such as collections of historical texts. Use a broad range of methods to investigate your hypothesis. Always remember to quote your bibliography and reference your work properly.
In your humanities coursework, you should explain the strengths and weaknesses of your research: did you manage to prove or disprove your hypothesis thanks to the investigation? Which were your research methods?

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