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Help with Persuasive Essays: Effective Plan
Help with Persuasive Essays: Effective Plan
What a surprise! It turned out that you need to learn writing another essay type. Is it a persuasive essay this time? This is great, you know! Persuading is something that you have to do from time to time.

Anyway, now you most probably need help with persuasive essay writing. Therefore, we have elaborated an effective plan that will help you write persuasive essays.

Help with persuasive essays: point 1

Make sure you are going to cover a controversial topic in your paper. Controversial presupposes such topic that arouses at least two opposite opinions on a certain issue.

Help with persuasive essays: point 2

Pay special attention to the introduction of your essay. This part of your paper should explain what is controversial about your topic, what opinions exist, etc.

Help with persuasive essays: point 3

Making an assertion is your next step. In other words, such assertion can be defined as a thesis statement of your essay. Do you understand the gist of thesis statements? You have to explain your position on the chosen controversial topic.

Help with persuasive essays: point 4

Concession or rebuttal – this is how the next step can be called. At this stage, you should discuss the opposing opinions on the topic under discussion. In fact, keep in mind this point of our help with persuasive essays. You do not actually have to support or rebut some of them. Just explain what they are all about.

Help with persuasive essays: point 5

Next comes the longest part of your paper. You have to support your position. Do you know how to do it? Provide reasonable and valid evidences.

Help with persuasive essays: point 6

Finally, you can draw conclusions. Probably, you have heard that a conclusion is a simple restatement of your thesis statement. Well, it is really so. Yet, we strongly recommend you think everything over and make a strong conclusion.

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