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Thesis on Egyptian Mythology: Catchy Ideas to Consider
Thesis on Egyptian Mythology: Catchy Ideas to Consider
Egyptology seems to be discussed inside out. Still, some facts about Egyptian mythology stay unexplored. That is why you may get your Master degree by means of writing a brilliant theses on Egyptian Mythology.

This article suggests some ideas that you can consider in your thesis on Egyptian mythology.

1. Mythology as a result of the initiates’ contact with Gods

Many people, as well as Egyptologists, consider mythology to be people’s fable. They are wrong, and you can prove it in your thesis on Egyptian mythology. Develop the following ideas:
* Egyptian priests were clairvoyants having extraordinary abilities. They could foresee an outcome of any war and, what is more, their forecasts came true in the majority of cases. Find a few examples of such cases from history and include into your thesis on Egyptian mythology;
* Egyptian priests developed their clairvoyant abilities with the help of mystic rituals. You can describe the following ritual in your thesis on Egyptian mythology: priests were placed in special sarcophagi to stay there for 3 days. During these days, they were sleeping. Some of them saw mystic dreams. These dreams were considered as a contact with Gods.
So, if you develop these ideas in your thesis on Egyptian mythology appropriately, you will certainly make it informative and intriguing.
2. Egyptian mythology Gods are the prototypes of the present day Gods

If you want to prove that Egyptian mythology was not as primitive as the majority of Egyptologists think, compare and contrast its Gods and Goddesses with Christian or Buddhist ones in your thesis on Egyptian mythology. Cannot you find any similarities between them? Well, let us give some hints:
* Isida – the Virgin Mary – Maya, the mother of Buddha;
* Osiris – Jesus – Buddha;
* Ra – God the Father…

Do you see it now? Then, go ahead searching for interesting and new ideas to present in your thesis on Egyptian mythology!

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