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Data Handling Courseworks: Three Stages to Get Through
Data Handling Courseworks: Three Stages to Get Through
It is pretty normal that you feel nervous because of your data handling coursework. First, it plays an important role for your GCSE examination marks. Second, you do not feel confident about your knowledge and have some doubts about the general organization of a data handling coursework.

Although your worries are quite reasonable, you still should not dramatize the situation. After all, almost all students somehow manage their data handling courseworks and get rather good grades, at least, if they have some good instructions and hints for writing. This is what you will find in this article.

Below, we describe three main stages you need to get through to prepare a good data handling coursework.

Data handling courseworks: stage 1

You have to start with determining a problem and planning your work. This is what exactly you need to do:

define and explain what you hope to achieve;
describe a specific technique you will use to collect data and explain your choice;
touch upon possible problems you may face during your work.
Data handling courseworks: stage 2

At the second stage of your work, you need to collect, process, and represent data. Particular steps to be taken are:

collect relevant data;
work with your data and show statistical processes that directly refer to your problem;
choose the best way to represent data and explain your choice.

Data handling courseworks: stage 3

During the final stage of writing your data handling coursework, you will have to interpret and discuss results. Basically, you need to explain how the obtained results relate to the initial problem, why they are significant, what could affect your results, etc.

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