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Giving a Brilliant Oral Book Report
Giving a Brilliant Oral Book Report
Do you think you have a talent for giving speeches but you did not have an opportunity to reveal it? Or, probably, your classmates think that all you can talk about is shops/sports/cars, etc.

Well, you have a chance to prove that giving speeches is one of your strong points. However, before that you need to find out some secrets of giving brilliant oral book reports and prepare one.
What is an oral book report about?

An oral book report can be defined as a talk that you have to give on one of the novels read. Your performance will last for about 3-5 minutes. After that, the audience will ask you some questions.

What should your oral book report include?

There are several essential points that every oral book report should include:

* The title of the novel read, its author, and date of publication;
* Genre (fantasy, thriller, ghost story, etc.);
* A plot (make a short summary of the main events, do not include too many details into your oral book report);
* Main characters (talk about each character briefly, give details about his/her appearance and personality. Tell about the relations between characters and some major changes they undergo throughout the novel);
* Setting (tell when and where the story takes place);
* Conclusions (tell what you like and dislike about the novel).

Some secrets of successful oral book reports

* Make some notes for your oral book report in the form of index cards;
* Have the novel with you. Thus, you will be able to give some important details or quote during your oral book report;
* Speak loudly and confidently. Otherwise, it will look as if you have not read the novel.

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