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Zoology Theses/Dissertations: Plunging into Animal Life
Zoology Theses/Dissertations: Plunging into Animal Life
Zoology Theses/Dissertations: Plunging into Animal Life

So, you are about to start working on your Zoology thesis or dissertation. We are sure it will be an exciting experience for you, because dealing with animal life is always interesting, is always about new discoveries.

Yet, the process of writing and researching the Zoology thesis or dissertation itself may be rather challenging and even daunting a little. We are glad to help you and provide several starting points for writing your Zoology thesis/dissertation.

What a Zoology thesis/dissertation is all about?

A Zoology thesis/dissertation is a serious research project, which will end up in the oral thesis presentation. A successful Zoology thesis/dissertation means that a student has carried out original research on a certain topic. By the way, students usually have 1 (2 semesters) or two years to conduct research.

Coming up with a topic for a Zoology thesis/dissertation

Zoology is an extremely broad field, which is why it is so important to narrow down the field of research and come up with a specific topic for your Zoology thesis/dissertation.

It will not be easy. Thus, we recommend you cooperate with a thesis advisor and choose your Zoology thesis/dissertation topic together. Yet, these are possible directions for you to move in:

* focus on the structure and functions of animal bodies;
* investigate the ways of forming new species, study their characteristics;
* research interactions between different species of animals;
* study animal behavior, etc.

The process of Zoology thesis/dissertation writing

Actually, the whole process of writing Zoology theses/dissertations is similar to completing theses/dissertations in any other discipline. You will have to prepare a research proposal first and explain all essential aspects of your research. After the proposal is approved, you will get down to writing your Zoology thesis/dissertation. It will have all standard sections and then it will be defended in front of the committee.

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