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Writing and Filing a UCLA Dissertation
Writing and Filing a UCLA Dissertation
Are you a student of the University of California, Los Angeles? Well, everyone can envy you, since you have a lot of opportunities for a future research career.

Still, in order to get a degree and become a famous researcher, you need to prepare a UCLA dissertation. It means that you obviously need help with UCLA dissertation writing. So, welcome! This article will help you to write your UCLA dissertation successfully and make your cherished dream come true.

1. Choosing a topic for the UCLA dissertation

There are several ways to find a good topic for your UCLA dissertation. Look through the latest scientific publications. What problems should be solved? What topics have never been discussed yet? Look through several UCLA dissertation samples. You can find them on the official website of the UCLA – www.ucla.edu/.
2. Preparing a proposal for your UCLA dissertation

You are not allowed to start the proces of UCLA dissertation writing until your proposal is approved. So, tell what you are going to investigate and how you intend to do it. Remember, the committee will approve your proposal only in case you prove the topic of your UCLA dissertation is worth researching, and you are ready to investigate it.
3. Making the parts of your UCLA dissertation

The more frequently you consult the supervisor on the work done, the more chances to succeed you get. So, after you complete each of your UCLA dissertation parts, ask your supervisor to check them.
4. UCLA dissertation filing

You have 10-14 days for UCLA dissertation filing. You will have to fill in an application form that can be found on the following sites:

* UCLA dissertations – //www.gdnet.ucla. edu/ gasaa/ library/docapprvl.pdf;
* UCLA theses – //www.gdnet.ucla. edu /gasaa/ library/masapprvl. pdf.

Typeface requried for UCLA dissertations:

* 12-point size;
* Times New Roman or another legible font for the entire text, and italics for headings;
* Double spacing;
* Page numbers should be set on all pages except the title and copyright pages;
* Left and bottom margins should be 1, 5; top and right – 1; footer for page numebrs – 0, 75.

Consider the information presented above if you want to make your project properly.

This post originally appeared on http://blog.aplusa.org.uk/index.php/2008/11/27/writing-and-filing-a-ucla-dissertation/