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Be Ready to Dissertation Defense Question
Be Ready to Dissertation Defense Question
If you want to get an excellent grade on your dissertation paper, you need not only to write this work, but also to defend it. In this article we will talk about possible dissertation defense questions.

It is quite possible that one defense dissertation question can make you feel uneasy. That is why you should make certain preparations to be ready for your oral dissertation defence presentation! Your purpose here is to share information and present the results of your work.

It happens that members of the committee are eager to pose several dissertation defense questions to check your awareness of this concrete dissertation topic. As a rule, these dissertations defense questions are connected to your research methods, your findings and results.

You should give clear and informative answers to all dissertation defense questions. Even if you are not sure about the correctness of this answer, you should be able to tell something on the subject.

Do not think that all dissertations defense questions have only one purpose – to confuse you. When you face one more difficult dissertation defense question, you should not be in despair. It is just one more chance to prove that you are able to produce a great piece.

Here are two methods that can help you be prepared to possible dissertation defense questions:

Find a mirror (make sure you are at home alone, otherwise, this someone will think that you are crazy) and start your presentation. Make sure that you sound clear and convincing.

Ask your mom/dad/friend listen to your presentation. In the process of retelling, they can ask you some questions. Imagine that it is one of the future dissertation defense questions and be ready to give confident answers!

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