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Tips for Writing APA Dissertation on Political Realism
Tips for Writing APA Dissertation on Political Realism
I think that talking about the requirements for APA dissertations writing is not that interesting. If you have any doubts about writing the APA dissertation, the best way out is a special manual of APA style. Anyway, a small article will not be able to cover all the peculiarities that you have to be aware of to write your APA dissertation correctly.

Instead of all the rules, we would like to give some dissertation writing tips for those, who need to write their APA dissertation on political realism.

Political realism is one of the main theories and approaches in the international relations. This theory has its own explanations of all the processes in the relations between states. So, in this article we will present the basic concepts of political realism that you can use for your APA dissertation.
In the APA dissertation on this topic you have to introduce the main characteristics of political realism. If to be short, political realism believes that states in their actions should be motivated by military and economic power, rather than by some ethical and cultural issues.
The main value for realism, which you have to highlight in your APA dissertation, is a sovereign state. States are the key actors in the system of international relations. Realists believe that states should act according to their national interests. The highest national interest is national security.
In your APA dissertation you have to tell about the most famous representatives of political realism and their main concepts. The most famous realism theorists are: Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, Carl von Clausewitz , Otto von Bismarck and some others.

Definitely, while writing the APA dissertation on this topic, you cannot omit the criticism of political realism. By the way, you can make a comparison of realism and liberalism – the main opponent of realism.

I think this is a perfect dissertation topic for your APA dissertations, and you will be successful disclosing it.

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