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What a Dissertation Abstract Should Be
What a Dissertation Abstract Should Be
Let us begin our discussion of a dissertation abstract with two major questions: what is a dissertation abstract and why do you need to write it?
So, a dissertation abstract is a short (approximately 250 words) but strong statement that presents a description of your dissertation. Depending on the discipline in which you are writing your work, the components of a dissertation abstract may vary. It is better to specify the components with your advisor.

Why do you need to write a dissertation abstract? The main reason for writing a dissertation abstract is your reader. This short statement allows the readers to understand whether your dissertation can be interesting for them and whether it is worth reading.

Another reason for writing a dissertation abstract is the online databases. Here the abstracts are necessary for indexing your work. That is why a correct dissertation abstract must include some key-words and phrases that will make the search easier.

Now I would like to stop on the basic elements of a dissertation abstract.
Your abstract should introduce the reasons for writing your work. Your aim at this stage of writing an abstract is to state the significance of your project and its value for the reader.
Second element of a dissertation abstract is your problem statement. You have to describe the problem you are going to solve in the course of your research and the main arguments for doing that.
An important element of a dissertation abstract is the presentation of methodology. This is going to be a description of the used methods and approaches to solving the problem of your work.
The last step of writing a dissertation abstract is the results of your work. It is clear that here you will describe your findings and the main achievements of your research.

Take into account that every part of an abstract should be precise and clear. Do not add some extra information or unnecessary details.

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