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Three Hints on Writing a Dissertation Abstract
Three Hints on Writing a Dissertation Abstract
Surprising as it is, sometimes, writing a dissertation abstract is much harder than coming up with the rest of the paper. The point is – once you start writing a dissertation, it is pretty easy to get it going, adding new materials. But when it comes to shrinking all your content into a small dissertation abstract, you feel like there is not much you can get rid of.

Well, unless you learn how to fit the vital ideas into a dissertation abstract, you will have to invent a new way to summarize the paper. And this is much harder, than writing a dissertation. This is why get down to work.
A dissertation abstract is a brief summary of the entire writing. It has to let the reader know what your research is about. A dissertation abstract has to be catchy and up to the point. Remember, that it pretty much opens your writing, and the opening has to be of the highest quality.
There is no need to retell all the details of your research in a dissertation abstract. It has to be a short description of what the paper is about, what was done, and what the readers have to expect. A good dissertation abstract does not make one feel exhausted, it does not scare away with a lot of text. It leads into a topic and makes the question clear – whether your reader wants to find out what a dissertation is about, or not?
The best way to write a good dissertation abstract is to concentrate it around your thesis statement. And do not even try to say it is unreasonable. Your thesis is the key ingredient of the research. Your dissertation abstract has to present the key ingredient in its best way.

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