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MA Dissertation Writing
MA stands for Master of Arts. It is a master’s degree in arts and sciences. Writing an MA dissertation is one of the basic requirements for those seeking for MA. In this article we will speak about the main peculiarities of MA dissertation writing.
The length of MA dissertation is about 10,000 words.

Stages of MA dissertation writing:
Deciding on a topic;
Generating a hypothesis;
Analyzing relevant literature;
Working out a methodology of the research;
Creating a research proposal;
Producing a dissertation framework;
Deciding on the dissertation structure;
Producing introduction, body chapters and conclusions;
Composing a bibliography;
Proofreading and editing the work.

As choosing a topic for MA dissertations influences the whole writing process, we will suggest below several criteria to be ruled by when choosing an MA dissertation topic:
Your personal motivation and interest in the topic;
Theoretical and practical value for the science;
Your competence in the subject;
The challenging nature of the topic;
Appealing topic to your knowledge and abilities.

The dissertation topic should not be:
Too broad; too vague and ambiguous; too much explored before.

When the topic for MA dissertations is picked out, you start reviewing literature on it. The main aspects you have to pay your attention to are:
The sources’ reliability;
Their being up-to-date;
Their fitting together;
Critical reading;
Taking concise notes;
Writing out the information about the source needed for the bibliography.

MA Dissertations: Points to Consider
Let your reading coincide with writing;
Take notes on every stage of your research, arrange a system suitable for you (for example, let it be cards of various colors for different sources);
Focus on analysis rather than description.

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