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Dissertation Research Proposal
Dissertation Research Proposal
Dissertation research proposal is a constituent part of any research process. This article is aimed at discussing the purposes of the dissertation research proposal, its main parts and significant features.
So, why do you need to write a dissertation research proposal? Here are the purposes:
To prove that your problem is worth exploring;
To define the area of the research;
To demonstrate your abilities to conduct the research;
To explain how significant your research is;
To outline the literature needed for the research;
To present the design of the study;
To develop the student’s planning skills and abilities.

All functions of dissertation research proposals are important, but the final one is to get the doctoral committee’s approval. A successful dissertation research proposal may result not only in the committee’s approval, but in providing you with some dissertation funding as well. Therefore, the importance of dissertation research proposal is obvious.

Now let us consider the main points your dissertation research proposal should consist of:
Title of your dissertation;
Significance of the study;
Outline of the previous research on the problem;
The design of the study: methodology of the study; rational for the approach; data required; participants of the research; data collection approaches; data analysis procedures; strategies for checking the data soundness, data analysis and data interpretation; the time needed for doing the study.

Note that the format of dissertation research proposal will vary depending on the subject and method of study, as well as the advisor’s requirements.

Remember that a properly done dissertation research proposal c is a key to your dissertation success, treat the writing process thoroughly and get the highest results of your work.

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