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Dissertation Research
Writing a dissertation is impossible without conducting a profound dissertation research. The depth of the dissertation researches determines the quality of the dissertation and, consequently, its general approval. The present article offers you some useful tips as for organizing a dissertation research as effectively as possible.

First, you should ensure that you clearly see the essence of the problem you are going to investigate. Consider what you are supposed to do: whether it is a mere research of some issue, or a comparative analysis of several problems? If you are not sure about some aspects of the task set do not hesitate to address your professor and inquire him/her about the aspects of your work that seem unclear to you.

Then, you should analyze what sources of materials you need. Will primary sources be enough for your dissertation research or you need to apply to some secondary sources? Decide how you are going to find access to the materials required. Consider such principles of selecting the sources, as the novelty of the information presented, the accuracy of the sources, their being up-to-date and their fitting together.

Now you should come to the following stage of your dissertation research. It is called planning. Try to work out a sort of plan for your dissertation researches which will measure the time needed for accomplishing this or that task. This plan of your dissertation research will help you to work on a regular basis, finding more time to the more complicated stages of the dissertation research. We warn you not to neglect working every day, as only in this case your dissertation research will bring its fruits. Working by fits and starts will not do any good to your dissertation research, as you will lose the connection between the work done and the one you are going to accomplish.

Remember, that dissertation research is a sort of discovery that aims at testing the hypothesis stated. Only through dissertation research you will reach the establishment of the new facts and findings.

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