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Dissertation Proposal Defense
Dissertation Proposal Defense
Everyone engaged into dissertation writing will need to scramble through the dissertation proposal defense. Dissertation proposal defense is an oral presentation (often with slides) of your proposal work. The main purpose of your dissertation proposal defense is to get the committee’s signature of approval in your signature sheet. You are persuading the committee that the problem chosen for your dissertation is worth exploring and that you are competent enough to conduct a research. The committee’s approvals together with two copies of your dissertation proposal are forwarded to the main office and this means that you are more than welcome to prolong your investigation.

Now, when the objectives of your dissertation proposal defense are clearly realized by you, we may speak about the way dissertation proposal defense takes place and the factors influencing your success during the process.

As it has already been mentioned, dissertation proposal defense is an oral presentation of your dissertation proposal. When your report on the problem has been completed, you are expected to answer the questions of the committee. After you have amazed everyone with the brilliant answers, you will be asked to leave the room for the committee to make their decision. When the decision has been taken you will be informed about it, a general impression from your work will also be stated.

Now it is time to dwell on the basic do’s in preparing to your dissertation proposal defense. Though, the points seem quite obvious, most seekers often fail to follow them. Therefore, we warn you not to neglect the following:
Inform the main office on the date you are going to defend your dissertation proposal;
Send the final draft of your dissertation proposal to your committee;
Consult your advisor;
Make all necessary preparations for your dissertation proposal defense (check your visuals and the like);
Practise talking in front of the audience;
Arrive earlier at your dissertation proposal defense.

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