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Dissertation Defense Presentation
Dissertation Defense Presentation
No more knees bending, teeth clutching and palms shaking before the dissertation defense presentation! Read the article, become confident and impress your committee during the dissertation defense presentations.
You should realize the following before the dissertation presentation:
This is you who did the work; nobody has done it for you. Now you are aware of every aspect of your dissertation and ready to answer all possible questions related to the problem studied. Your knowledge is your power to oppose to the committee’s desire to kill you with hundreds of sophisticated questions;
Your committee consists of people who were in your shoes several years before. Though, it does not mean that they are going to praise you like the Nobel prize-winner, but a bit of sympathy and human treatment is almost guaranteed.

You should do the following before the dissertation defense presentation:
Inform the main office about your dissertation defense presentation;
Come earlier to your dissertation defense presentation and check whether the materials you are going to apply to are ok.

Dissertation Defense Presentations: Points to Consider
Gather some information about the members of your dissertation committee: it is better to know what to expect from the guys. If possible, inquire somebody who has already had his/her dissertation defense presentation with this committee;
Visit someone’s dissertation defense presentation and learn how the process is organized (its normal procedure is oral presentation, questions from the committee, committee’s making and stating the decision);
Practice your speech in front of the mirror. Look from somebody else’s side the way you keep in front of the audience, the way you speak, the way you answer the questions, etc.

Good luck with your dissertation defense presentation!

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