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Dissertation Writing: Formatting Appendices
Dissertation Writing: Formatting Appendices
This is a test on how you treat yourself. If the answer is positive, than you will want to avoid extra headaches and refuse from including Appendices into your dissertation writing. If it is negative, and “oops, too late, I already promised my dissertation supervisor to include Appendices”, than these dissertation tips are just for you.

Appendices usually follow the main text of dissertation writing. They include information that by some reasons did not fit into the dissertation itself. Often Appendices consist of big documents that can not be placed in a dissertation chapter, some extensive measurements, supporting information that is relevant to the topic of dissertation writing, a detailed description of something, or your personal developments. Important information or document that you referred to several times while writing a dissertation should definitely go into Appendices.

Appendices are optional, as you can see from the list of demands above, and if you do not need to fulfill the requirements, you can easily skip this part. They offer information that is not essential for the understanding of the dissertation writing, but they can give more light on details. Also, consult with your supervisor if the Appendices section is acceptable at all. Once you decide to work on it, discuss the materials that you want to include, and find out if it counts towards the wordage of your dissertation.

As it was said, Appendices follow the main text. Materials from this section have to be described in the main body of dissertation, and accurate directions to a proper Appendix have to be given. Pages of the Appendices section have to be numbered accordingly with the pages of the text and included into the Table of Contents. Every Appendix has to be labeled with a corresponding letter, title, and referred to a certain page. In the section of Appendices every Appendix has to start from a new page.

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