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Discussion Essay Topic – Choose a Topic That Allows You to Discuss Intelligibly Without Having to Convince Anyone.
Discussion Essay Topic – Choose a Topic That Allows You to Discuss Intelligibly Without Having to Convince Anyone.
While choosing a discussion essay topic one must remember that it is very important to come up with something that will be interesting and will hold audience. There are numerous discussion essay topics that are compelling but one has to tread carefully here. Besides choosing an attractive topic,there are other factors that one must keep in mind while selecting a theme. One must not take up attractive issues for the sake of an eye catching discussion only. One must make sure to choose something that one has interest in and is personally inclined to. Discussion essay topics may be chosen from personal experiences, political opinions, historically important events, social problems, religion or anything which can be made into an interesting and long drawn discussion. One important thing is that the writer must be knowledgeable about the topic he wishes to write on to produce an A level paper.
So while choosing a discussion essay topic one must remember the following points:

1.Choose a theme that will really grab and retain the reader’s attention. Selecting an interesting topic is the first step towards writing an outstanding paper. It must be remembered that in general, readers do not move beyond the headlines of written work that do not contain issues which appeal to them.

2.The writer must be really interested in the topic that he has chosen. It is very important that the reader as well the writer both remain interested in the chosen theme. If the writer himself is not interested in his work there is no way he can keep his reader’s attention fixed for long.

3.Keep the emphasis on the important parts of the theme strong and and do not dwell much on the trivial issues. Discussion essay reveal the writing skill as well as the level of understanding and intelligence of the writer. So it is also important that the writer understands the topic very well.

4.Discussion essay does not attempt to convince readers so one can expect contradictions from the readers’ end. The writer should clearly state his reasons with proper evidences and leave it at that. It is normal for different readers to have different views and the purpose of this essay is not to convince anyone, just have a general discussion on any interesting theme.

Like any other essay this one also has an introduction, a body and a conclusion and follows the set standard essay format. The introduction should introduce the reader to the title and the writer’s view or explanation as to why the title was chosen should be clearly stated. The main related points and important terms pertaining to the topic are stated here. The body will consist of the main discussion on the topic. All the points and terms given at the introduction are to be explained and discussed in detail here. Other important points related to the title can be also discussed here. The writer will have to give his own ideas and opinions which are backed by sufficient and reliable evidences and discussions. Both sides of the topic must be discussed in the essay so that the reader can get an overall view. All the points for and against must be given or ranked according to their importance. The language must be simple, error free and smooth flowing so that two sentences dealing with the same point are well connected and two paragraphs within the same main body are well linked. The conclusion should give a brief review of the whole essay without repeating the main points. It should not discuss any new points and can give an overview and the implications of the discussed topic on a larger scale. It should be so written and presented so strongly that it forces the reader to do some thinking on his or her own part.

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