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Using an Online Dissertation as an Example
Using an Online Dissertation as an Example
Have you already started to work on your dissertation? Or are you just starting to think about it? A dissertation –or thesis- is probably the most important work in a student’s academic career. It is the culmination of a very long process, and it is meant to show the student’s achievements at the end of their academic studies and in the beginning of their professional life. Although writing a dissertation is a long, hard process, you can find examples that will help you understand what you have to do. That is what an online dissertation is useful for.
Where can I find online dissertations?

Today you can find many web sites offering free online dissertation models that can be very useful for you. Model dissertation are sample documents which where written by students around the world on different topics, and now can be checked when searching for ideas or inspiration. They can help you write better since they act as a guide for your own dissertation writing. Even if the topic you are planning to write about is not available, you can read a model dissertation with a similar structure and copy its organization and some writing techniques.
Some things you can do

An online dissertation model can be used just as that: a model. You may learn from reading it, find it interesting or boring and then consider which changes you would like to implement in your own work. You may even copy some things as its style, the linking words or the sentence formation. They can provide you with some clues on how to introduce or close the dissertation, or even suggest topic ideas. Reading model dissertations may even get you inspired for starting to write your own work. And, if you wish to extract a whole paragraph from the model dissertation, the best thing you can do is paraphrasing, using synonyms and changing the sentence structure.
And some things you should never!

When you are overwhelmed by responsibilities and you find out there’s no way you can meet your deadlines, using a sample dissertation extracted from a random site on the Internet can be really tempting. Ok, they may look great. But you should know by now that handing in something you downloaded from the Internet for free will most probably get you into trouble than help you pass the course: especially when it comes to your own dissertation!
Academic institutions nowadays are aware of the different ways students can cheat and can easily spot free papers with anti-plagiarism software. If they happen to spot a student cheating, the punishments can be severe. When it comes to dissertations, the whole degree of the cheater can be in jeopardy. So, if you haven’t ever thought about it until today, now you know: never hand in a model dissertation you so easily got for free, because it isn’t safe at all. Do not risk your future by getting caught. Consider online dissertations only as examples and a source of inspiration.

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