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Creating your Dissertation Contents Page
Creating your Dissertation Contents Page
The dissertation is the most important academic work of a student’s career. When preparing your dissertation, there are many things to consider. One of the first pages your readers will bump into is the dissertation contents page, and that is the reason it should be clear and organized. We know it sounds like a lot of pressure, but it is quite simple actually. And even if you are not sure where to begin, here we can provide you some basic tips for preparing yours. After all, dissertation contents pages are the section of the work that shows the readers what topics your dissertation covers and gives basic impression about its contents, so you want it to be right!
Before the contents page

The first page of your dissertation is the title page, which will be something like this: at the top of the page, provide the title and a subtitle for the dissertation. The most common thing is to use a longer and more descriptive subtitle after a brief title. Follow titles by the volume number if more than one. In the centre of the title page, write your full name, and then, at the bottom centre, write something as “A dissertation submitted to the University …. in accordance with the requirements of the degree of … in the Faculty of …”. The month and year of submission should also appear in the title page. Finally, at the bottom right hand side of the page write the word count.
The abstract is a paragraph which summarizes the whole dissertation contents. We suggest to submit it after the title page. Then, include a list of acknowledgements, that is, thanking everyone who has helped you in some way. Include your dissertation supervisor first, followed by teachers and professors, advisors, librarians, laboratory assistants, your colleagues and end up with your friends and family.
General guidelines for your content page

We suggest you to draft your dissertation contents page in your initial planning, since it will help you to structure your dissertation draft. The purpose of the contents page is to provide the reader with a view of the materials cowered in the dissertation.
Anyway, whether you write it manually or using software, remember that any table of contents must list in sequence, with page numbers, every chapter, section and subsection of your dissertation. The list of references, the bibliography, a list of abbreviations and any appendices should also be included. Finally, remember to include a list of tables and illustrations which must follow the main table of contents: here, include every table, graphic, chart, photograph, diagram, etc., everything with its corresponding page number.
Format of the content page

At the top of the dissertation content page write title and subtitle. Then, list every chapter, section and sub-section, one under another, showing the reader their hierarchical order with different fonts and indentation. It is recommended to dot the path from headings to page numbers. You can easily build a table of contents using very common software, such as MS Word.

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