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Dissertation Topics – Criteria for the Right Choice
Dissertation Topics – Criteria for the Right Choice
“Dissertation writing is a time-consuming and challenging process” sounds like an empty assertion. You have probably heard that even in high school. At the present moment you are more interested in the ways of how to make this process easier and more pleasant.

Well, this is exactly why we are here. Maybe, picking a good dissertation topic is one of your biggest challenges right now. You have discussed hundreds of issues with your advisor, and still cannot make a decision.

In this article we would like to introduce several common criteria according to which dissertation topics should be chosen.

* Needless to say, writer’s personal preferences should be considered when choosing dissertation topics. This is one of the major criteria. Still, you have to be careful with it. Make sure that a dissertation topic selected according to your preferences is valuable and original.
* Research that has already been made on a topic and the extent to which it has been studied is one more important criterion that should be considered when choosing dissertation topics. Your topic should be new, but reliable materials to cover it should be available as well.

* Dissertation assistance that you may get will also influence the choice of your dissertation topic. Particularly, make sure that the advisor is competent in your exact field of studies. Do not forget that the final decision on a dissertation topic should be definitely agreed upon with him/her.

Finally, we advise you to surf any reputable dissertation database. Thousands of already completed works can give you several worthy prompts on a dissertation topic. Mind that the more seriously and thoughtfully you choose dissertation topics, the more interesting and easier your work can be.

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