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A Dissertation Project: How to Fail It
We have no clue why you want to fail your dissertation project. Probably, you signed up for it but realized that it was a big mistake of yours. Now, you do not want to give up just like that and want to make an illusion that you simply failed a dissertation project.
Well, not a bad idea! There is nothing impossible for our writers, and since they know how to succeed with a dissertation project, they know how to fail it as well.
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A Political Science Dissertation: Where History Meets Politics
It is a well-known fact that the best way of gaining experience and knowledge is to analyze and learn by examples of others. When it comes to social sciences, where a single wrong step can lead to frustration of thousands (if not millions) of people, it is especially important to study past experience.
Fortunately, history provides us with a brilliant historic example – namely the Roman state. Starting from 753 BC it experienced periods of a constitutional monarchy, democratic republic, dictatorship, absolutism, and feudal state until it was finally crushed by ottomans in the early modern era. Is it not a good field to study in your political science dissertation?
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Dissertation Consulting: Questions and Answers
You have signed up for writing a dissertation project, but you have heard nothing about dissertation consulting! How are you going to cope with all work successfully? Sure, your advisor should be one of the main consultants for you. Yet, he/she will not be able to work with you whenever you need it and as much as you need it.
That is why let us explain you everything we know about dissertation consulting and answer some major questions you may have about it.
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A Thesis or Dissertation Manual: Do You Need a Writing Guide?
Do you want to talk to someone who knows everything about thesis or dissertation writing? We are sure you would like to meet such person and discuss all vague points you have, get answers to all questions.
Well, actually you do have a chance to talk to such people by means of a thesis or dissertation manual. Do you not get what we are talking about? People who created thesis and dissertation manuals answered all of your questions about such projects.
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Dissertation Table of Contents: A Mini Guide to your Project
We are sure that in the course of writing your dissertation, you have realized that all parts of this big project play an important role and should be taken seriously. This also refers to the dissertation’s table of contents.
You may think “Oh, common! Why is this list of dissertation chapters significant? What role can it play?” If you think so, you definitely do not get the gist of the dissertation’s table of contents.
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Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships: Are your Academic Achievements Superior?
What do you know about the Ford Foundation? If not much, then it is better to learn more about it, at least if you want to get the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship. One of the major objectives of this organization is sponsoring young prospective scholars and their projects if they meet the organization’s interests and aims.
Thus, if you are applying for the Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, you have to investigate what areas of interest the organization has. What other important things should one know about Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships?
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Chemistry Dissertations: the First Steps to its Completion
When writing such complex project as a Chemistry dissertation, it is crucially important to start your research and the writing process appropriately. It is said that the first step can determine the end of a long journey and this rule certainly works for dissertations on Chemistry.
We would like to give you some particular tips, but since the variety of chemistry-related topics is so great, it is nearly impossible to draw any general advice. That is why we have decided to dedicate this article to the most important part of the writing process, your first steps to completing Chemistry dissertations – choosing a topic.
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A Dissertation Report: the Art of Digesting
It is a well-known fact that dissertations are usually read only by their authors and a small bunch of people who need to read it for their work and professional purposes. Therefore, there is a common rule: every dissertation author writes a small summary called a “dissertation report”.
Thus, today we want to talk about dissertation reports.
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Dissertation Tips: First Recommendations on How to Survive
You are just about to start working on the biggest and the most serious project in your academic life – your dissertation. It means that any kind of help, any dissertation tips, and dissertation guidelines will be right in time for you.
We should say that you will face a lot of problems, probably even too many problems. At times, it will seem that you cannot go on, dissertation tips and recommendations do not work, and in general, you cannot get how such project can be finished.
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Preparing for the Dissertation Defense: Major Steps to Be Taken
So, you have finally finished your dissertation or thesis preparation. Yet, do not hurry to rejoice, because your dissertation adventures are not over yet. Now, you need to get ready to overcome one more obstacle – defending a dissertation.
Defense of your project might be rather challenging and stressful, especially if you are not that good at public performances. If this is the case, preparing for your dissertation defense should take some time so that you can plan everything, practice.
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