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Dissertation Advisors: Typical Characteristics of a Good One
You know, perhaps there is even no need to start writing a dissertation if you have not picked a dissertation advisor or you have made the wrong choice. Working on such serious project without help of an experienced person is going to be extremely difficult and, most probably, will bring you nowhere.

In this article, we want to share some secrets of choosing a good dissertation advisor so that you do not make a mistake and finish your project successfully.
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Coming Up With a List of Dissertation Topics
Everybody knows that dissertation writing is a process that can last for ages. This is why every separate step of creating this paper is usually bigger and longer than a step done in preparing an essay, for example. You will have to come up with many dissertation lists while working your way to the finishing line.

The first most important dissertation list is a list of dissertation topics. It is vital for those who still do not know what exactly to investigate. But it can also be helpful for those who feel sure about a chosen area but want to make sure they did the right choice.
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Tips for Writing a Philosophy Dissertation
Philosophy is one of those studies that deals with faith, justice, beauty, existence and many other matters.

Some students are good at Philosophy, they want to know more and they are always ready to learn! However, there are students who face a lot of difficulties in the process of their education or they just do not want to study at all.
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Dissertation Completion Fellowships: A Reward for Your Hard Work
One of the best ways to be rewarded for your hard work, patience, and devotion to science is to win a dissertation completion fellowship or award. Have you not heard about them?

Then, we are glad to explain you certain things about dissertation completion fellowships and provide some recommendations on how to win your award.

What is a dissertation completion fellowship?
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A Dissertation Editor: Someone who Will Polish Your Project
A Dissertation Editor: Someone who Will Polish Your Project

Do you know what happens to some students when they finish writing a dissertation? They submit it to the dissertation committee and get back in a few days with a lot of critical comments. It means that a project was not accepted and should be revised and improved.
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A Dissertation Introduction: Let Me Introduce My Project!
A Dissertation Introduction: Let Me Introduce My Project!

Well, we are sure you have some basic information about writing a dissertation introduction. You know that:

* a dissertation introduction is a really important component of your project;
* a dissertation introduction should be attention-grabbing and a bit intriguing so that to get the reader involved;
* a dissertation introduction should provide all necessary information about your project, your objectives, and so on.

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The Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award: How to Win the First Prize
The Outstanding Thesis Award or Outstanding Dissertation Award is a prize that graduate students can win for their hard work and significant contributions to some area of studies.

In this article, we are glad to provide basic information about the Outstanding Dissertation Award so that you could win the first prize!

The Outstanding Dissertation Award: categories
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Dissertation Structure: Essential Components of Your Project
The proper structure of a dissertation is one of the factors that will affect the result of your work. Every institution sets its own requirements for the necessary elements of a dissertation. This is why make sure you know all the requirements for dissertation structure established in your university before you get down to writing your paper.

However, despite some specific requirements, any dissertation should include several essential elements. You will find more details about them below in this article.
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Dissertation Components: Following the Necessary Structure
You are getting down to work on one of the most important projects in your life, and we have to tell that you should take seriously everything related to your dissertation.

In this article, we want to talk about the proper dissertation structure and the main dissertation components. Why is it so important to stick to that structure and not to miss any of the dissertation components?
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Writing Dissertation Methodology: Useful Info
So, you have reached the dissertation chapter that is called Methodology, and it seems like you are stuck a little. Do not worry, since in this article you will find necessary info about writing a dissertation methodology chapter. First, let us check whether you know what this chapter is designed for.

Writing dissertation methodology: what is it all about?
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