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300 Words about Electronic Essays
300 Words about Electronic Essays

If you do not know what electronic essays are about, we can suppose you are a freshman. Probably, you have only one interpretation of what electronic essays are. An electronic essay is a paper that can be found online and downloaded, either for free or for a certain payment.

Well, in this article, we want to give you one more interpretation of electronic essays. It is actually your own work or your essay in electronic format.

Why is it in electronic format? What is the purpose of such essays? Let us discuss these issues.

First, let us recollect what usually happens in class after you complete essays. So, students prepare their papers, read them aloud in class, and then discuss the information heard.

Second, let us explain what electronic essays have in common with this work. In fact, you will have to do the same work, but online. You have to write an essay, send it via e-mail to your professor and peers. Your peers will read that electronic essay and share critical comments with each other online.

After that, you will gather in class. By this time, each student will have a good understanding of your paper and his/her opinion on it. It means that the debates about your electronic essay can be omitted in class, because all students have already developed their positions on the problem under discussion.

What is the purpose of writing electronic essays?

Well, electronic essays save a lot of time. Analyzing students’ online discussion, your professor can see the most burning issues and make an emphasis on them at class. All in all, such teaching strategy contributes to better understanding of the studied material.

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