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Linux Research
Linux Research
Do you have to conduct Linux research? Do you have problems preparing your Linux research paper? Then this article is just what you need!

Right now, we will present several hot ideas for your Linux research.

Linux Research: Idea #1

Do you know that a penguin is not only an aquatic flightless bird? Today, many people associate a penguin with Linux, since it is its official logotype. It is called Tux. Larry Ewing created Tux in 1996. This penguin always looks fed and satisfied.

This very creature may become a good subject of your Linux research. You may wonder how it is possible to conduct Linux research investigating this icon only. Well, you cannot even imagine how interesting the history of Tux’s creation is. So, try this idea and develop it while conducting your Linux research.

Linux Research: Idea #2

If you are fond of American movies and cinematography in general, the next ideas should interest you:

Do you know that Linux and its programs helped realize all the trick effects in Titanic?
Can you imagine that Linux was used when creating Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones?
Do you know that South Park is produced with the help of Mac desktops of Linux servers?
Investigate these issues while conducting your Linux research and present a thrilling paper.

Linux Research: Idea #3

You can also compare this operating system with another. It may be Windows, for example. By means of comparison, you can discover weak and strong points of both: Linux and Windows. It is also a good idea to consider.

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