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3 Keys to Writing Argument Essays
3 Keys to Writing Argument Essays
You have a task to write an argument essay, and this is the first time you deal with such type of an essay. Most likely, you do not know that much about this kind of writing. Well, it is not a big deal, since in this article we will introduce three basic keys to writing an argument essay.

The first key to writing argument essays – Giving a Definition

Yes, you need a precise and clear definition. You have to know what your major task is going to be. So, writing argument essays presupposes giving a claim or claims and supporting them with arguments. Mind that arguments should be based on sufficient and solid evidences.

The second key to writing argument essays – Answering the Key Questions

There are several questions that you need to answer before you start working on an argument essay.

What is your claim?
Is this claim significant, reasonable, and specific?
What arguments do you have to back up this claim?
Are these arguments relevant to your claim?
What would be your answer if someone asked “Who cares”?
The third key to writing argument essays – Taking Necessary Steps

Now you are almost ready to write your argument essay. However, take into consideration several pieces of advice:

Pay special attention to the introduction when writing argument essays. It is your opportunity to introduce the main idea of the paper, give background information, and define some significant terms.
Mind the way you give arguments and evidences. If you say something like “people have been doing so since the times immemorial” when writing your argument essay, it will not be a reasonable argument.
Do not forget about the conclusions when writing argument essays. It is a good place to introduce something you have not said.

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