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Describing a Person Essay: 4 Keys to Success
Describing a Person Essay: 4 Keys to Success
Well, you have to write a describing a person essay, but you do not know how to make it striking. Everyone can write something like He is tall, dark-haired, with a long moustache Still, grammatically correct essays are not always winning. You need to be original. You need a key to write a successful describing a person essay.

Use vivid adjectives
The best way to characterize someone is to choose those adjectives describing a persons appearance as precisely as possible. For example, use golden instead of dark blond if you are talking about someones hair in your describe a person essay.

Use similes
The effect of comparison is really impressive, especially if you combine it with humor. For instance, in order to describe somebodys hairstyle in your describing essay, you may write the following:
His usual hairstyle is like a cocks comb falling down to the side where the wind blows.

Stick to the same style throughout your paper
If you use irony in your describing a person essay, keep to it throughout the paper. Do not combine several styles in the essay while describing a person. The grade on your essay describing a person can be reduced.

Use metaphors
Metaphors are another key to the readers heart and success in describing essays. It is no that easy to choose suitable metaphors. Still, if you manage to do it, you have all chances to get the highest grade on your essay describing a person

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