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About Essay Exam Questions
About Essay Exam Questions
One of the possible assignments students may get during their education is taking essay exams. Do you know what it means?

Well, you need to answer one of the possible essay exam questions in a written form.

If you want to get prepared for such type of work, this article may be a good and quite informative guide for you.

With the help of several sample essay exam questions, it is possible to clear up the nature of these assignments.

So, let us get down to business and analyze some sample essay exam questions.

Most essay exam questions consist of two terms:

Task – telling you what should be done;
Content – defining the expectations of your tutor as for the task given.
We suggest you a simple table where you can see

what kind of tasks essay exam questions posed to you may include;
what you need to do to complete the assignment.
Essay exam questions: TASK Essay exam question: CONTENT
describe: Write about an event, a person, etc…
explain: Underline pros and cons of the offered topic;
discuss: Tell about something, point out its strong and weak sides;
compare: Demonstrate differences/similarities between two subjects;
evaluate: Assess the significance of the chosen topic.

As a rule, you are allowed to make a choice: pick out one essay exam question from the list offered. The essay is to be about 2-3 pages. When you answer the essay exam question, make sure that the information you present is really relevant to the topic.

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