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Guidelines for a Good English Essay Format
While assigning the paper for writing an essay, tutors specify the English essay format, which the assignment has to follow. Hence, students should be fully aware of all the writing styles and formats. These are broadly of two types, MLA and APA format of writing. While both the formats have many similarities, the difference lies in the manner of citing the in-text references on the bibliography page.

Here are some of the guidelines that will give the student an idea on the general format required to write an essay. However, students are also advised to look at other essay format , before starting to write an essay.

Page structure

Most of the essay formats require that the paper should be written on an A-4 size paper, with double space lines. The first line of every paragraph should be indented, about half an inch. Students should give the appropriate page numbers at the top right hand corner of each page. In addition, following tips should also be considered for a good English essay format.

The title page should contain the title of the essay, written in bold letters, in a higher font. The name of the student should come on the left hand corner of the title page, followed by the identification details like roll number etc. of the student. The outline or contents page should give the page numbers against various topics and subtopics detailed in the main essay body.

All written matter, except the title should be in font 12 size with “Times New Roman” and ‘Aerial’ writing style. However, the subheadings can be in bold letters and underlined, in the main essay text.

Introduction part of the essay

Guidelines for a Good English Essay Format
As the name suggests, students are introducing their thesis statement or the selected topic in this part of the essay. Therefore, it should be a brief statement. However, the hints given here should lure the reader to look at the full English essay format.

Students must remember that introduction is the tool to tempt the tutors for going through the whole essay. Most often, the readers just read the introduction part only. Hence, an absorbing and interesting introduction is necessary, if the student wants tutor to read the full essay.

The following paragraph will advise the students, briefly, on the essence of citation references, to avoid plagiarism. However, it will be better for the students to go through other essay reference papers also.

Main body and in-text citations

The body of the essay should contain three to four paragraphs, each detailing on an issue related to the selected topic. However, the arguments put forth by the students in support of their viewpoint should have sufficient evidence from other authors having similar views on the issue. Hence it is necessary to conduct research on the topic concerned over the internet and from books, magazines etc.. Information thus collected and used in the essay, should be properly cited, in-text and detailed on the bibliography page given at the end of the essay. Students can also look at book review essay and argumentative essays to have a better grip on essay writing skills.

The conclusion part of the essay should highlight the final prevailing opinion about the topic, after its merits and demerits have been discussed in the main essay body.

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