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Winning Essays on the Lottery
Winning Essays on the Lottery
Here is a topic one can talk on endlessly! Essays on the lottery are just like discussions on whether aliens exist. The bottom-line is you have plenty of ways to write essays on the lottery. Here are just some variants:

Narrative essays on the lottery. You take a story. One story connected with the lottery. You can even make it up. For narrative essays on the lottery only one thing matters and that is narration. You start telling your story via the main hero, things that are going around him, and steps that he makes. Do not forget about the topic – lottery.
Analytical essays on the lottery. You can look into the process from the inside, use numbers, for example how many people in America play lottery annually, or dig out the biggest amounts of money won in the lotteries both in USA and around the globe. If you are writing analytical essays on the lottery, your attitude towards the issue should be developing consequently through the paper.
Argumentative essay on the lottery. You take a certain position on the issue. For example, you do not believe in the lottery as the simplest one. In your argumentative essay on the lottery you prove your point of view by reasonable arguments and facts.
Cause-and-effect essay on the lottery. My grandma was poor. Then she bought a lottery ticket. Won a big sum. Became a media magnate. Changed the world of information. Here is a typical chain for a cause-and-effect essay on the lottery. Of course, it only works if you have a believable chain. So, before writing it, better make an essay outline.
Opinion essays on the lottery. Here is your chance to express an opinion without all the conditions and frames.

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