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Essays on South Park: Ideas to Consider
Essays on South Park: Ideas to Consider
Essays on South Park: Ideas to Consider

In far 1997, the first series of South Park created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker were shown on Comedy Central. This show was started as a cartoon for adults describing the current events in the country and its culture in humorous way.

With the lapse of time, many students and even children have got to know such names as Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric. So, it is not surprising that essays on South Park were included into the school program and remain there until now.

If you are one of the students who need or want to write essays on South Park, this article may be rather helpful. It is quite possible that you enjoy the cartoon and know a lot about its main characters. Still, you face lots of difficulties while picking out a good topic for your essay on South Park.

Let us offer you one interesting theme that may be disclosed in essays on South Park. It is connected to one of the most distinctive features of this show – mockery over stereotypes. Your essays on South Park may touch upon this very issue as well.

Here are several examples that you may use in essays on South Park:

* Jewish Stereotype: one of the brightest characters to disclose may be Eric Cartman. You might need to watch the episode #908 to understand the essence of this very stereotype deeper. To enlighten this issue in your essays on South Park you may use plenty of literature!
* Afro-American’s Stereotype: in the episode #709 the same character, Eric, asks his fellow Token to play the guitar saying you are a Negro, you have to play! Find many more situations like this one and enlarge on them. Do not be too critical in your essays on South Park!
* Japanese Stereotype: episodes #310 and #904 can help you realize what attitude Americans have towards this mechanic nation and write interesting essays on South Park.

You may use these ideas for writing essays on South Park or think about your own ones!

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