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Research Proposal Format
Research Proposal Format
The research paper proposal is such part of the research paper, which presents the research topic, determines the research direction and states the hypothesis which is to be tested during the research.
It is very important to know the research proposal format in order to avoid extra mistakes while writing the research proposal. If you want to find out more information about the research proposals format, read this article attentively and note the research proposal standards.

First of all, let us remind you that the research proposal is the first part of the research paper or dissertation to be written. Your research work should begin with the research proposal writing. That is why the research proposal should be written in the future tense (as you are describing the research which is not ready yet). Sometimes it is allowed to use present tense for the research proposal, but more often students meet the necessity to write their research proposals in the future tense.

As the research proposal’s purpose is to catch the reader’s interest, you should use simple language while writing it. Try to avoid using terms or special scientific vocabulary. If you cannot avoid using some term, you should give its definition, using simple words, of course.

Your research proposal should not be too long. Do not mention extra details. You just have to present the most important and necessary information.

All the research proposals text has to be double spaced, in spite of the writing style you use. Besides, all the pages have to be numbered.

These were the basic requirements of the research proposal format. Another depends on the writing and citation style of your research proposal. By the way, the proposal writing style has to coincide with the writing style of the research paper. Your advisor will help you to choose the writing style, and will consult you on its requirements.

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