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Rotary Club Essay: Ideas for Discussion
Rotary Club Essay: Ideas for Discussion
Rotary Club is an organization that aims to build ideal business service for people. This is the first thing you should know before you start writing a Rotary Club essay. Unfortunately, it is not enough to get an A+ on your Rotary Club essay. That is why below we will give you more information and ideas for discussion in Rotary Club essays.

How can you start writing the Rotary Club essay?

Choose a perspective from which to consider Rotary Club. Here are possible ideas to discuss in your Rotary Club essay:

1. The Principles and Philosophy of Rotary Club

Rotary’s philosophy is based on four main principles:
* Development of acquaintance;
* High ethical standards in business;
* Application of Rotary’s ideals in business and community life;
* Formation of international understanding and peace through business fellowships.

So, in your Rotary Club essay, you may analyze all these principles and their effectiveness.
2. The Rotarian Test

The members of Rotary Club use the “Rotarian four-way test” to see whether a planned action is compatible with the Rotarian philosophy. So, you may discuss this test in your Rotary Club essay. Tell what it is all about and why it is important.
In order to cover this topic fully, you should also know that this test was developed by the entrepreneur Herbert J. Taylor during the Great Depression. It was adopted in 1942. You can also discuss Taylor’s vision of ideal business in your Rotary Club essay.
3. The History of Rotary Club

If you are more interested in history than in Business issues, you can talk about the history of the club in the Rotary essay. In this case, your Rotary Club essay will aim to discuss:
* The early years of the organization;
* The war time;
* The period from 1945 till nowadays.

Remember, your Rotary Club essay should correspond to all requirements of your professor. So, proofread and check it.

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