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There are many students who take part in essay competitions regularly. But not all of them manage to prepare essays which are good enough to qualify for the competition. Many students are not even aware of how important the rules and conditions of a competition are. There are certain skills which you must possess for the purpose of taking part in an essay writing competition. By ignoring those aspects you will be wasting your time as well as the time of the judges.

There are very few who can write well on any given topic. If you are one of them, there is nothing much to worry about. But if you are not blessed with the kind of writing skills that needs no honing, you must keep aside some time to prepare yourself for the essay competition. Knowing a few things about essays and competitions would help you prepare in a better way.

• There is a common misconception that those who can speak well can write well too. But it is wrong. While speaking, your verbal communication is accompanied by vocal as well as facial expressions. But while writing, you are communicating only through words. Hence you will need much more than basic language skills to express yourself effectively through words. And if you are not good with your words, you will not be able to perform well in any essay competitions.

• If you are participating in an ‘on-the spot’ essay writing competition, it will be a timed one. In that case, you will need to practice quick thinking and fast writing beforehand. Writing impressively on a given topic, within a very short period of time would not be easy. You will need to schedule your writing as per the time required for each of the stages of writing. That would include studying the prompts, choosing the topic, outlining and writing the essay.

• You will usually be given a few options of topics for the competition. It will be given in the form of essay prompts which you will need to study and understand before choosing the most suitable one. All competitions would have a common platform for evaluation and in the case of writing competitions, it would usually be the topic. Unless you understand the meaning of all the given prompts, you will not be able to pick the one that is most suitable for you.

• Flawless language is extremely important while preparing essays for competitions. Grammatical or structural errors and spelling mistakes are things which can cause your essay to be disqualified. Also, your essay should be presented in such a way as to catch the attention of the judging authorities.

Taking part in an essay competition is not difficult. But preparing an essay which is impressive enough to be noticed by the judges is indeed not easy. Writing is an in-born skill but even if you were not born with it, you could learn it with a little effort. Essay writing is a very good exercise for developing writing skills. If you need any kind of help or advice with essay writing, we can put you on to one of our expert academic writers. You may check out some of the essay samples on our website or buy a custom essay prepared for you as per your specifications and preferences.

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