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A Christmas Carol Essay
A Christmas Carol Essay
‘A Christmas Carol’ is one of the most famous books written by Charles Dickens. There would be very few who are not aware of at least the outline of the story as most educational systems include it in their syllabus of the early stages of schooling, itself. You will be writing various essays on the topic at various levels of education. But do not be mistaken that you can present the same essay repeatedly for all the assignments on the topic. The level and perspective of studying the topic would change as you move up the educational level. And whenever you come across ‘A Christmas carol’ essays, you will be forced to study it from a specific perspective and write on it as per the requirements of the assignment.

All the same, there are a few basic points which would help you build the framework of your essay on ‘A Christmas carol.’

• Ebenezer Scrooge is the central character of the play. His life, as portrayed by Dickens, reminds you of what you actually are and what you must not be. Even though he starts off as a negative character, the story ends with him having transformed into the most wonderful gentleman.

• The plot revolves around the various stages of a Scrooge’s life, illustrated as the phantoms of the past, the present and the future. Each phantom is most unique in its appearance and successfully manages to show Scrooge what his future would be if he continued to live life his way.

• A character analysis on any of the characters in the story can be used as a topic for your ‘A Christmas carol’ essay, as each of them are interesting and complex enough to give you enough material to write on.

• While studying literary works, you must always look at it from a fresh perspective which is different from all those which have been explored before. Whatever topic you choose to write on, remember that you will have to do justice to one of the most beautiful and captivating stories of all times.

• Be innovative but do not disturb or change the main story line. Your interpretation of the story, as presented in your ‘A Christmas carol’ essay, should be justified through detailed explanation of your view. Remember that your audience may never have considered things from your perspective, ever before.

• Do not make grammatical or spelling mistakes in your work. Due to the involvement of the supernatural, you must ensure that your view is conveyed effectively. And flawless language is the key to effective communication.

‘A Christmas carol’ is one of the most fascinating works in English literature. It has been studied from various angles and interpreted in many ways. ‘A Christmas carol’ essays are often prepared by students of various levels. It is a story which can be simple enough to fascinate a child and complex enough to generate interest in students of higher education levels. Even though it is interesting to study the book, it may not be easy to write an essay on it. If you are not feeling confident about the task in hand, we can assist you with your project. We can prepare a custom essay, prepared especially for you, to suit your specific requirements as well as preferences. Your essay will be safe in the hands of our highly skilled academic writers.

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