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Critical Lens Essay
Critical Lens Essay
Critical lens focuses on a particular point through a very specific perspective. This perspective gives a very unique interpretation of the topic in question. Essay writing itself requires excellent writing skills; it is needless to say that a critical lens essay requires even more skills in writing than what is required for a normal essay. Looking at a topic through a fixed point and discovering interesting views to it, is no easy job. Understanding the task and acting in the way that brings the best out of what you have in hand is what is necessary for the purpose of writing this type of an essay.

There are various stages for the successful handling of critical lens essays.

• Study the topic to get a generalized idea of the same. This will help you fix your focus precisely at the suggested point. Without having a reasonable idea of the basic aspects of the topic, you will not be able to find your focal point.
• Go through the critical lens prompt. It is extremely important to have a very accurate understanding of the critical lens in order to even begin the process. Your essay would be based on that. If the focus is not fixed on the right point, your critical lens essay would not serve its objective.
• Consider the view you have been asked to take. What exactly would be your critical lens, as per your understanding of the prompt? If you have any trouble understanding the critical lens given by your teacher, clarify it before proceeding any further.
• Look at the topic through the given critical point of view and determine the complexity of your task. Some topics are interesting as it is whereas some needs to be made interesting.
• Identify the points you want to include in your essay. You will need some strong points to present as it is an essay of critical nature. An effective critical analysis should have relevant critical views and enough data to support the view.
• Two people, even when they look at something through the same perspective, have different opinions about it. Your essay would be your point of view of the topic, which you will need to show others. Remember that what you project is your view. Unless you give your audience a reason to believe in your view, they won’t. The critical analysis presented in your essay must be justified duly.

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