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TOK Essay
TOK Essay
TOK or ‘Theory of Knowledge’ is one of the three mandatory core elements of the International Baccalaureate program coursework. Not everyone can prepare an impressive TOK essay. It is mainly because of the fact that an essay of this nature cannot be prepared by learning points by heart. You need to possess excellent reasoning abilities as well as writing skills in order to prepare an impressive essay on TOK.

There are various factors which are used to evaluate the submissions of essays for TOK. Having a good grasp of what a TOK coursework essay is and how such an assignment works is necessary for completing the IB course successfully.

• The Theory of Knowledge essays are to be written on a topic, picked from the options given in the guidelines. Usually ten options are given out to students to choose from. Choose one which you are confident about being capable of handling.

• The topics are based on knowledge and the various aspects related to the pursuit of knowledge. The main focal point of ‘knowledge’ is probed from various angles to give you options of highly interesting topics.

• The TOK course focuses on epistemology which is a branch of philosophy which studies the ways in which human mind deals with knowledge. Epistemology deals with all the issues regarding knowledge starting from the basic issues to the most complex ones.

• The TOK essays focus on the definition, the acquisition and the concept of knowledge in relation to various factors. The more interesting your perspective on these aspects of knowledge is, the better it would be for your Theory of Knowledge essay.

• Essays on TOK can be prepared as comparative, analytic or controversial type of essays. It is up to you to decide which type of essay would work best for your topic.

• The evaluation is done based on your understanding of the concept of the knowledge and your application of reasoning in knowledge related issues. It also evaluates your capability to communicate something which is more superficial than opaque.

• The difficulty of writing a TOK essay lies in the fact that knowledge cannot be seen or heard. It can only be known. This basic nature of knowledge makes it rather difficult to explain your theory and justify it.

• Use of credible sources can help you to a great extent in writing a Theory of Knowledge essay. Credible source are the best support you can get for the study of topics like knowledge.

Writing an ordinary essay itself is challenging to those who are not familiar with the various tasks involved in essay writing. Considering that aspect, it is needless to say how tough TOK essays would be for those who are not so good with words. But even Theory of Knowledge essays can be handled well, if you have someone to guide you. We have academic writers who are quite knowledgeable on the theory of knowledge. They will be able to assist you with your essay assignment or TOK coursework and help you achieve what you have dreamed of. Do not let anything stop you from getting your IB diploma; especially when help is so easily available.

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