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Violence Essay
Violence Essay
When you are asked to write an essay on violence, you are in for the task of finding a more narrowed down version o this topic to focus on. Violence is a rather generalized term which can be categorized into various sections and sub-sections and further classifications. Knowing the dimensions to which this topic can be stretched is important while handling violence essays.

When asked to write an essay on violence, you must first ascertain whether you wish to write on a generalized scale or on a more narrow level. Both have their own advantages and challenges. If you are writing on a generalized level, you will be able to fill several pages without much research or study. It will take a lot of effort to make such an essay interesting to the reader. But if you choose to deal with it on a narrow focus, it would require an in-depth study of the topic but it will be much more interesting to the readers.

Looking at violence from a generalized perspective, you will find various topics for your violence essay:

• Political violence
• Social violence
• Media violence
• Violence related to drugs
• Street violence
• Mob violence

But if you narrow it down further, you will be able to find more specific issues to write on.

• The unpleasant and unjustifiable consequences of mob violence.
• The laws regarding media violence and its merits and flaws.
• The impact of violence within the family on the children of the family.
• The efficacy of the police force of a particular region in controlling unexpected outbursts of violence in the society.
• The various instances where drugs become the cause of violence.
• The laws regarding violence against women and children and its level of efficiency.

You can narrow these topics even further for the purpose of preparing a violence essay. Choose a particular incident of:

• A mob having gone violent for a particular reason and the immediate cause for the same.
• A case study of a particular incident of violence as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.
• A report of a specific incident of political violence in a city or nation including its causes, justifications and consequences.
• A study of a particular legal case of violence against women.
• A report on a case of peaceful protest having turned into mob violence.

Writing essays on violence can be interesting if you are familiar with your topic and if you have enough resources to get in-depth information on the topic you are addressing. In most cases, writing essays on violence would involve research on the topic you are dealing with, which would make it a time-consuming task.

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