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Of Mice and Men Essay
Of Mice and Men Essay
‘Of Mice and Men’ is a novel by John Steinbeck, which is included in the high school syllabi and which often comes up as topics for essay assignments. Having a thorough knowledge of the story is necessary for preparing a good essay on the book. Some background information on the author and the settings would improve the quality of your ‘Of Mice and Men’ essay.

The story ‘Of Mice and Men’ is set in the background of the great depression in California. It revolves around two men George and Lennie who are forced to relocate during the great depression. They are very close friends devoted to each other, even on Lennie having a certain mental disability. Lennie has an uncontrollable urge to stroke soft things. And when it is a living being which catches Lennie’s fancy, it often ends up dead as Lennie’s strokes are deadly. Lennie is portrayed as a man who is huge and strong and George, small and less strong physically, is wise. He takes care of Lennie even though he complains about the trouble. These are two characters whom you will need to study thoroughly for the purpose of writing ‘Of Mice and Men’ essays.

You can consider various topics for this essay.

1. Try to interpret Lennie’s uncontrollable madness of stroking things. Does the writer wish to bring some other aspect to light through Lennie?
2. How would you describe George’s love for Lennie? Is it sympathy? Is it an unconscious effort to make up for his physical weakness?
3. A character analysis of any of the prominent characters.
4. A study of a particular character in relation to another one. For example, Slim and George.
5. The theme of love or friendship implicated in the novel.
6. What indirect role does the dog play in the story?
7. What does Lennie’s character personify? Does his love for soft things and the accidental death of all that he loves talk about something else?
8. Does Curley’s possessiveness originate from his mean nature of from his knowledge that his wife deserves much better than him?

The theme of the story is so deep that you can find numerous topics within the story to write ‘Of Mice and Men’ essays. But it is not so easy to untangle the plot and bring out the hidden elements of the story. You will need to read the book several times and also pay attention to even the minutest of details. Writing an essay on a book like ‘Of Men and Mice’ is a challenge due to the fact that you will be expected to find an impressive topic to write on. You will also be expected to do justice to the great book in your assignment, through excellent writing.

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