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Fred Smith Term Paper: Choosing a Term Paper Topic
Fred Smith Term Paper: Choosing a Term Paper Topic
Writing term papers requires a student to put a somewhat bigger effort into writing than working on an essay. Term paper writing has certain peculiarities which a student should consider. This article provides hints on writing Fred Smith term papers.
Frederick Wallace Smith is the founder and the CEO of FedEx, the largest US delivery company. In your Fred Smith term paper, you are to investigate functioning of FedEx and actions of Fred Smith as its CEO.

When you are developing a concept of your future Fred Smith term paper, it is important to remember about the essence of a term paper as a piece of academic writing. A term paper is not an essay; its purpose coincides with that of a research paper. Thus, you should NOT focus on the following issues in your Fred Smith term paper:
Retelling history
Expressing your emotions and attitudes etc

Instead, in your Fred Smith term paper, you should carry out an investigation and present its results. To see the difference, look at the examples of appropriate and inappropriate subjects of a Fred Smith term paper:
Inappropriate: Biography of Fred W. Smith
Inappropriate: History of FedEx
Appropriate: Marketing strategy of FedEx
Appropriate: FedEx lobbying

To carry out your research, you should find information provided in reliable sources. To write a Fred Smith term paper, you will need both facts and figures. You can use a site of FedEx, FedEx fiscal statistics, statistics for FedEx corporation common stock etc. To expand your background on FedEx and Fred Smith before writing a Fred Smith term paper, you can read newspaper articles. However, check reliability of information provided in them before using it in your Fred Smith term paper.
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