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Global Warming Essays: Covering the Global Warming Theme
Global Warming Essays: Covering the Global Warming Theme
Global warming essays are essays, in which the main point of analysis is connected to global warming, its causes, consequences and solutions. In that regard, although having a broad topic, there are relatively limited number of the approaches, through which such topic can be written. Thus, the present article discusses common approaches in writing global warming essays.
Elements of Outline

Three distinct elements of a typical outline of global warming essays are the causes, the consequences, and the solution. It should be stated that there might be another element in global warming essays, which is related to the controversy around global warming as a hugely overestimated phenomenon. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the latter does not eliminate the previous points in global warming essays.
Choosing the Position

Establishing the outline, there should be a certain position toward global warming that should be reflected in the essay. In that sense, in the case of covering controversy, choosing a position is a simple task, as there are only two, i.e. support and opposition. In case global warming essays are not touching on the issue of controversy, choosing a position can be a trickier process.

A suggestion can be made to choose the thesis of global warming essays and your main position based on providing a solution to the problem. In that regard, you will not be original in stating that protecting the environment and decreasing energy use will reduce global warming, but at the same time this is the most common position and it is rarely opposed.

The causes and the consequences in global warming essays are already known, and thus you cannot come with something new in that filed. The best way to write about causes and consequences in global warming essays is to include credible and up to date sources as your references.
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