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Persuasion Papers: How to Learn This Art
Persuasion Papers: How to Learn This Art
During your academic career, persuasion will be one of the most frequently used types of writing, and you will have to write heaps of persuasion papers. At a glance, it is not that difficult to learn writing good persuasion papers, at least, if you know all the rules and can follow them. Yet, it still does not mean that you will learn the real art of persuasion.

We will try to help you cope with both tasks and will present tips on how to write excellent persuasion papers and learn more about the art of persuasion.

How to learn writing striking persuasion papers

If you want to prepare outstanding persuasion papers, you need to know several important things about this type of work.

Topics for persuasion papers – they should have three major characteristics:
contain some controversy or opposing views;
there should be enough evidences to prove one of the positions;
it should be of some interest to a student.

Purposes of writing persuasion papers – keep in mind that you should not only present your standpoint, but also prove that it is right.

Types of appeals – in other words, these are types of arguments you can use in persuasion papers. There are two types of appeals: logical and emotional.

How to learn the art of persuasion

What we have mentioned above are just some theoretical rules of writing persuasion papers that one should stick to. However, they do not guarantee that one will actually learn the art of persuasion. Hence, you need to study various scientific papers and articles on persuasion. In this way, you can learn some specific secrets of persuasion, will get examples of how various persuasion techniques are used in practice. For instance, you may start with “Can Pictures Be Arguments in Argumentation and Advocacy” – an article by David Flemming or “Attitude Change: Persuasion and Social Influence” – an article by Wendy Wood.

On our blog, you can also find useful info about articles on unemployment and argumentative persuasive essay topics.

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