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Topics for a Research Paper: Where to Get Them
Topics for a Research Paper: Where to Get Them
For the vast majority of students, choosing a topic for a research paper is a real dilemma. The fear of making the wrong choice and lack of information or desire to investigate the chosen one seems to bother them a lot.

Is this about you? Then this article can be much helpful for you. It will help you find out where you can get possible topics for a research paper. We hope it will be encouraging, and you will start your search for possible research paper topics with enthusiasm.

* Look through available free research papers online
Actually, in order to find topics for research papers, the other kinds of academic papers will also be suitable. Probably, you will find a brilliant essay on the topic similar to yours and develop it properly in your own research paper. So, free research papers/essays/courseworks/term papers are the number one source of getting topics for a research paper.
* Ask your tutor for advice
Your tutor can give more ideas as for research paper topics. He or she knows your strong and weak points and can easily choose the topic according to your abilities. Therefore, your tutor is the number two source of topics for a research paper.

* Use student forums
You can also find topics for a research paper at student forums. Just ask someone to tell you about his/her own experience of dealing with your research area and be sure that, at least, one person will respond. Therefore, student forums complete our list of possible ways to get topics for a research paper.

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