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Research papers thesis statements
Research papers thesis statements
Writing a good research paper are big problem for the students nowadays. It’s needs more than just the knowledge to write excellent or perfect research paper. Like the sportsmen aiming for the winning places, you must believe that your ability is good to write it. That’s a best start to writing a good research paper. But how get the belief of it? Sure, we can help you.
Four tips for a great research paper thesis statement

First of all you must determine the kind of paper you’re wanted to write:

An analytical paper. It must evaluate the idea and present it to your readers.
An explanatory paper. It must explain your point of view in the clear form to your readers.
An argumentative paper. It makes and justifies your opinion, evaluation or interpretation with specific evidence. Your goal is to prove your readers that your arguments are true based.|

If you’re writing research paper, that doesn’t suit to these categories (e.g. narrative research paper), this thesis statement could still be helpful to your readers, if you put it under .

Second, you must make your thesis statement specific. It may contents only your discussion questions, which appeared in your paper with support of specific evidence.

Third, put your thesis statement at the end of the first research paper paragraph.

Fourth, if your topic change during your research, you may need to modify your thesis statement to show exactly what was written in the paper.
Thesis Statement Examples

Here you may use an analytical thesis statement example:

An analysis of the school admission process exposes one challenge facing candidates: accepting students with high test results or students with strong extramarital skills.

The paper should follow:

Analysis of the college admission process;

Candidates facing challenge explanation.
An explanatory thesis statement example:

The life of college student is characterizes by time conducted studying, class attending and socializing with classmates.

The paper should follow:

Explanation how students spend their time studying, attending class, and socializing with peers