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Writing an Impressive A-Level Essay
Writing an Impressive A-Level Essay
Writing an A-level essay is a task which is dreaded by most students. This is mainly due to the pressure of passing the examination. But worrying about it is not exactly the best solution for the problem. Understanding the components of an effective essay is what can help you with the task of successfully completing A-level papers.

One point to be noted about an A-level course is that it is not just about studying a subject. It is about understanding the subject thoroughly, evaluating it deeply and presenting it effectively. Your knowledge of the subjects will not be of any use if you fail to prove your proficiency successfully. This should be kept in mind while you are preparing for the test as well as writing it. Your proficiency in the subject and your writing skills will have to come together to make your essay an impressive one.

While writing an A-level essay, use an outline to spread out and arrange your thoughts. The use of an outline will make it easier for you to organize the points. It will also save you the trouble of having to rearrange points in an elaborated essay. Even though most students consider it a waste of time to prepare an outline, the truth is that it will help you write your essay faster. In the outline you should clearly note down the points to be included in the introduction, those to be discussed in the body and also those which will be used for the conclusion.

An interesting introduction is the easiest way to create a positive impression. Your A-level essay is any day better off without an opening line which is commonly used and plain. In its stead you should start off with a line which would generate interest in the reader about the content of the essay. You are not obliged to explain the purpose of the essay in the first line. You will get a chance to do that in the thesis statement which would be the last line of the introduction. Keep your essay introduction short. Other than the opening line, you can include a few lines to give some background information on the topic or some generalized aspects about it. The thesis statement should be placed at the end of the introduction. This would clearly state the purpose of the essay and your theory.

The body paragraphs should be organized in a very legible pattern with one point leading to another. Make sure to link the first line of the first body paragraph to the introduction. Similarly the last body paragraph should smoothly move on to the conclusion. Abruptness never looks good in essays.

The conclusion of your A-level essay must reinstate the thesis you stated in the introduction with reasonable justification. You do not need to elaborate on any of the points in the conclusion. Also, all the points mentioned in the introduction should be those which are taken from the body paragraphs. No fresh points should be included in a conclusion.

An A-level essay should be prepared with regard to all the specifications in the guidelines. The essay question should be answered completely with due focus on the topic. If you wish to get assistance with your A-level coursework or essay, our writers will be glad to help you.

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