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Choosing a topic for a term paper on sonnets
Choosing a topic for a term paper on sonnets
Writing assignments are an important part of all academic courses. But for English literature, it is one of the most important parts of the academic assessment methods. Poetry covers a big portion of the syllabus of English literature. While studying poetry, you will come across many variations in its styles and types. Sonnets are one such style of poetry which you will most certainly be included in your syllabus. You might be asked to write term papers on sonnets, separately, as it is one of the widely used poetic structures.

Your term paper topic will, in some cases, be given by your instructor. But there will be occasions when you will be asked to choose the topic according to the specifications given in the guidelines. Since these specifications form the platform for your teacher to judge all the papers, you need to pay attention to each and every one of the instructions in the guidelines. Once you have studied the guidelines, you should note down the conditions and limitations on the topic. Accordingly you should shortlist some, from which you would choose one that suits you.

English literature topics are all equally interesting; especially if you are genuinely interested in the subject. But if you have ended up studying English literature due to any reason other than your own interest in the subject, you will find it tough to keep up with the assignments. While choosing a topic for your term paper on sonnets, remember that you will have to study the topic you choose thoroughly enough to be able to perform well. So think of how much time you have, to study the topic and then choose one that you will be able to learn within that time.

If you are choosing to write your term paper on any of the technical aspects of sonnets, you should also study some of the sonnets in which the particular aspect has been used. It will give you a better idea of what you are writing about. The best way to understand the technical side of a poetic style is to read poems written in that style. Even though there are certain basic rules which sonnets follow, you would find many exceptions, some of which became acknowledged officially. Only by reading through various sonnets, will you be able to get a good grasp of the different types of sonnets and the differences in the technical aspects. And a thorough understanding of the subject will help you in spotting the most interesting and suitable topic for your term paper on sonnets.

You can either choose to focus on the poem and its classification as a sonnet or you can focus on the sonnet and choose a poem to go with the technical aspects you are writing about. Either way, there will be no dearth of topics for you to write on, under the heading of sonnets.

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