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Catchy Ideas for Papers on Ireland
Catchy Ideas for Papers on Ireland
Do you want to create thrilling papers on Ireland? Do you need several catchy ideas that you can present in your own paper on Ireland?

Naturally, to write involving papers on Ireland, you need to find some really interesting facts about this country. How can you do it? Pat attention to the ideas we offer you.

If you want to create a History coursework on Ireland…

Actually, there are so many issues you can touch upon while writing a History coursework on Ireland.

* Irish Christianity: Its Arrival in the 5th Century;
* The Irish National Land League and Its Goals;
* The Great Irish Famine: Causes, Factors, and Consequences.

If you want to write a coursework on Northern Ireland…

If you feel that history is your weak point, you are welcome to write about Irish traditions, culture, folklore, etc… When we talk about the Northern Ireland, we cannot but mention:

1. St. Patrick’s Day. It is a feast day celebrated each year on March 17. Who was St. Patrick? What myths do you know about this person? Answer these and many other questions in your coursework on Northern Ireland.
2. Irish Luck and Leprechauns. They are male fairies with heavy bags full of gold that bring luck to people. What do you know about these creatures? Conduct your investigation and present the results in your coursework on Northern Ireland.

If you want to present interesting papers on Ireland but have no ideas and preferences…

Well, in this case, you need to search for some attention-grabbing facts about Ireland and pick out a theme that arouses your interest.

* Do you know that such great actors as Pierce Brosnan, Collin Farrell, and Barry Fitzgerald are from the Republic of Ireland? And Ben Affleck, Heather Graham, Alec Baldwin, and George Clooney are of an Irish descent!
* Do you know that Irish people adore beer? They drink more than 131,1 litres per year.
Interested? Then, start your search and pick out only the best themes for papers on Ireland!

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